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Changing the Game

Think ahead and apply management consulting services to achieve the best results. ABM-logos is more than just a company you hire to solve your technical business problems. We as a brand are more than your key to success. Indeed this is one of our strengths. Specialization and knowledge help us to have the solution to your problems. Whether they are long-standing or arise in the course of collaboration, our experience in the field is your trusted friend.

Business management consulting is, therefore, how a specialist observes and fills the gaps in your business. Whether we're talking about financial, employee or raw material gaps, any company that wants to grow sustainably needs an objective view of the process.

We believe in a future that can be meritocratic and decentralised!

Thus with a pragmatic and organized thinking, ABM-logos aims to bring an added income with the lowest cost you could ask to your budget. Our management consultancy is more than numbers and graphs. We customize a way of explaining and learning to each individual client. We analyse issues and discuss every aspect of the company in a transitive and transparent way. This is certainly one of the things that defines us. Honesty and professionalism. Furthermore, we add respect for our clients and what they have to offer the market. We also analyse at macro level the economy and the favourable and unfavourable socio-political situations to achieve our objectives. At the micro level, we customize the duration of the strategy that we will implement to leverage the quality and quantity of the resources invested.

We work on the basis of ATE IT concepts. The sustainable concepts we propose to your business are Lean Management, Toyota Manufacturing and Kaizen. We emphasize information transparency to lay the foundation for well-informed collaboration. The mentioned initiatives are outlined in KPIs. These performance indicators are effective tools that the ABM-logos team uses to measure the efficiency of your business and its development over time.

We started management consulting in the automotive industry. Later we discovered general aspects viable to any industry and branched out further into industries such as mining and pharma. Inclusion of diversified industries in the future is the main step towards global inclusion. So the first step towards monitoring progress in your business will be to check and measure each management position. We will also achieve goals such as: resource planning, management of the execution of value-added processes, management and logistic execution of materials and investment structures as well as with management systems for control requirements and operational support.

After the analysis we offer solutions and sets of initiatives for educational purposes to improve the harmful aspects. Moreover, we carry out a level-by-level cascading, modular and synthesized optimized and adapted to the culture of each team we work with. Our company's typical on-site consulting approach is hands-on in implementation, exemplification and training. Genba Problem Solving methods begin and end with the consultant being present at the source of the problem. Visualizing root causes in a structured and clear form, measuring the cost generated and as a consequence delivering standardization of best practices in a collaborative way to everyone's gain.

Because of the industrial and cultural experience we have gained over time from every job we have ever held and from our experience with every target client, we have come to a conclusion. The most important thing that all companies have in common, regardless of their national-geographical position, field of activity or size (micro or macro enterprise) is their employees. This is the most important resource of a business: human resources. In other words, the performance created by working conditions, motivation and the way you communicate with your employees are essential calls in the long term development of your business. In a sustainable and objective way, ABM-logos, your consulting firm is here to open a new perspective. To broaden your vision of the problems your team faces and how to work as a leader and not as a boss.

So in the end you'll see that your profits, sales, brand, any of the results you set out to achieve will be realized more easily. We offer assistance and respond to the challenges. Management consulting is meant to add integrated value and that's what we do. Together with you we can minimize business fluctuations by optimizing workflows. The impact analysis will be done from the short term "revenue per hour" to the long and very long term deepening a strategy spread over several years.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the research and development projects we initiate ultimately result in taking the lessons and applications learned from industry to public society. We are working on autonomous methods of financing social deficits and are already planning to launch a blockchain ecosystem of partners, suppliers and collaborators whose values align towards the same goals of sustainability in the human society of the next generation.

The ultimate goal is to become a forum for ideas and applied solutions both B2B facilitated consulting and a consequence of opening the B2c market. Here the success of the industry goes to be directly proportional to the funding of the success of the society. Funding one's own success is the beginning of the success of the people around us: from employees, to friends and family.

Together we lay the foundations for a sustainable and decentralised future!

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Consultancy: About Us
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